Nada – Fragrance Free Soap


I like to call this the NADA soap. An unscented, pure and soothing soap for those of us with ultra-sensitive skin.

Made with a very high percentage of olive oil, which has been used for centuries in the creation of rich and moisturizing soaps.

A pinch of coconut oil added to increase the hardness and lather of the soap.

No fragrance oils, no essential oils, just 2 nourishing high quality oils working together to help repair and enhance your skin.

Each bar is about 95-105 gr.
Approximate dimensions per bar 6.5 x7 x 2 cm


Olive oil
Coconut oil
Saponified lye
This soap is 100% vegan

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Perfect for sensitive skin and scent-aware people.

Handmade soap will longer if kept dry between uses
Use draining soap dish and keep it away from direct streams of water
All products are handmade and hence unique
The images are for reference only. Please allow for colour/texture differences in your finished products
All products are made of natural and/or organic ingredients.