My name is Darinka, and I am the founder of Raincoast Soaps. I create soaps that are inspired in nature and use fresh and in season ingredients to create one-of-a-kind experiences.

My soap-making journey started after hunting incessantly for a 100% natural soap that was gentle on my super sensitive skin. I tried everything labeled natural, sensitive skin, even baby products, however after reading through hundreds of soap labels at many grocery stores, I discovered that most of them list nasty, unpronounceable ingredients and fake fragrances that were by no means product of nature. And the worst part is that very few ingredients (mostly petrochemicals) found in most health and beauty products are tested for safety (learn more about this here) meaning that we, the consumers are left at the big cosmetic industry’s mercy.

Tired of dodging the chemical bullet, I decided to take matters into my own hands and started making my own soaps among other natural homemade skin care and household products that my family and friends now enjoy.

Sustainability, honesty, fair-trade and healthy living are big to me. Therefore, all the ingredients I use are natural, organic when available, and locally sourced from farmers markets, community gardens, and the nearby and beautiful forests of Vancouver, Canada.

Join me in my journey of reclaiming the right to natural and safe products, one soap bar at a time.